Rock & Roll Valet Tray: "American Tone"- Tweed

  • $65.00

Let your valuables take an intermission on your desk, nightstand, or favorite table in this amplifier inspired valet tray.  The tray's exterior is crafted with authentic woven fabric, the same material used in guitar amps around the world, and paired with a matching oxblood grill cloth for cushion. 

"American Tone" items are inspired by American guitar amp companies and are crafted using the same backing material for an authentic look and feel. 

What it's made out of:

*Exterior: Authentic woven tweed fabric

*Interior: 5 oz. black harvest leather

*Oxblood grill cloth

*Chicago screws

Size: 7" x 7"

Note: Due to the nature of materials used in and handmade nature of this item, there may be variance in texture or color.  Just like guitar amplifiers, this item will naturally age and wear over time.